Our deepest fears are the Dragons that guard our deepest Treasure. - - Rilke


Someone once said Knowledge is Power.

We disagree.

We believe that Knowledge plus Action is Power. Only when knowledge is applied and married to a consistent plan of action do we create our desired goals and experience quality of life.

Most of us who do seminars and workshops get excited about the potential to take control and make significant changes in our lives. We learn so many valuable strategies, apply them for a week or two and then leave the materials on the shelf to gather dust.

Achievements Unlimited was created to address this problem: The reluctance of most people to take consistent daily action to create true quality of life. The effectiveness of this approach lies in the ability to combine two powerful tools for change: Motivational Counseling and Personal Coaching

What is Motivational Counseling?

In our weekly one-on-one sessions we introduce you to strategies and concepts in the field of personal fulfillment. We've distilled the essence of many personal growth technologies into an organized system that is simple to apply .

What we are offering is a different kind of coaching system, one that is based on the deepest core values of our clients.

Finding our core values is critical to living a meaningful life.

If you are like us, you don't want to realize on your deathbed that you have lived someone else's life.

While the strategies we teach you are proven to work, they won't work if you don't apply them on an ongoing basis. They are lacking in one crucial element... accountability.

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching is the driving force behind Achievements Unlimited. The foundation of Personal Coaching is accountability. It is the creation of a designed alliance with you, our client. It is a professional relationship, built over time. It enhances your ability to effectively focus on learning, making changes, achieving desired goals, and experiencing fulfillment.

Success means much more than an increase in income.

If we abandon our core values to achieve "success" we betray ourselves at the deepest level. At Achievements Unlimited we are concerned only with your definition of success, and we strive to help you create that.

And, while money is by no means the primary focus of Achievements Unlimited coaching, a large number of our clients have significantly increased their income in a short period of time.

"AU is Great! David & Betsy continually amaze me. They make it so easy for me to succeed; it almost feels like I am cheating. In the short time I’ve been with them I’ve doubled my income, bettered my health and improved many of the relationships in my life. They help me to see my life objectively so I don’t get caught up in all those things that hold me back. With gentle prodding and encouragement they help me to find out first what I really want from life and then help me step by step achieve it." - - Ben Kikuyama, Professional Sculptor and Painter

Consulting is done on a month-to-month basis. Weekly phone sessions last 45 to 60 minutes, and email support is always available.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the things that are really important to you and begin manifesting them in your life. With our clients, we create an alliance where we help you hold your vision, maintain balance, and work in a methodical, systematic manner toward creating a life of fulfillment. We use practical and effective techniques to assure that you do not postpone your happiness until "later"...That elusive time that somehow never arrives.

Is this guaranteed?

If, after working with us for one month, you have not made significant steps toward achieving your goals, we will gladly refund your money.

What about people who say they have all the answers?

Only you have the answers for your life. Meet people who have exactly the right questions... email us today...