Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
- - Oscar Wilde

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"David is very well informed and articulate. I found myself listening intently as he talked about aspects of male/female relationships I had not heard about before. Highly recommended."

Lucia, Host of The Art of Love

May 10, 2010 David Interviewed by Lucia (30 min)

"David Bruce Leonard is a no BS kind of guy, the kind we all LOVE! A man with integrity and the BALLS to put it all out there on the line. Working through the processes in his book and honestly answering some difficult questions is not easy, but it certainly is rewarding. I loved his book and had a great time with the interview!"

Lori Rubenstein, Host of Journeys from the Heart

December 14, 2009 David Interviewed by Lori Rubenstein (60 min)

 "David is terrific.  Hes wickedly funny and certainly has the balls to tell us all what men and women need to hear and learn in order to love each other divinely, both physically and emotionally.  Hes brilliant!"

" I loved talking with David on my radio show. He is warm, knowledgeable and can roll with whatever is going on. His insights are dead on and his style of delivery will fit with all  audiences. He is a "must have" guest on your show and his message is needed for everyone in relationship, whether with themselves or others."

Tanja Diamond, Host of Tantra, Love, Sex and Intimacy

July 2, 2009 David interviewed by Tanja Diamond (60 min)

"David is very insightful as to the direct way we can improve our relationships and gain an understanding of ourselves. He helps men and women accept their inner power and the outer reaches of their body, mind, and soul."

Cindy Paulos, Host of Talk Story, KAOI 1110 AM, Hawai'i

July 7, 2009 David interviewed by Cindy Paulos (30 min)

Tracey Schavone, Host of Kauai Vibrations, KKCR 90.9 FM, Kauai