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in SEATTLE email Richard

in HAWAI'I email David

Rivers of Love Classes are by Personal Referral - Invitation only

The Classes below are open to the Public


On Maui






Awakening the Jade Dragon: Daoist Sexual Practices for Men
Learn Daoist practices in a safe and supportive environment

Qigong techniques to increase pleasure and improve healthCreate stronger intimacy bonding
• Understand what makes her (and you) tick: male and female anatomy and physiology


Qigong for Couples: Energetic Practices for Men and Women

all practices are clothed, with no sexual activity
Learn Daoist practices both alone and with a partner

Qigong techniques to increase pleasure and bonding
• Increased communication and the opening of possibilities

Acupuncture Without Needles: Healing with Your Hands
Learn how to stimulate acupuncture points with your hands

Qigong techniques to move energy
• Learn the yin and yang aspects of health and disease

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