Tell a wise person, or else keep silent,
because the massman will mock it right away.
I praise what is truly alive,
what longs to be burned to death.

In the calm water of love-nights,
where you were begotten, where you have begotten,
a strange feeling comes over you
when you see the silent candle burning.

Now you are no longer caught
in the obsession with darkness,
and a desire for higher love-making
sweeps you upward.

Distance does not make you falter,
now, arriving in magic, flying,
and, finally, insane for the light,
you are the butterfly and you are gone.

And so long as you haven't experienced
this: to die and so to grow,
you are only a troubled guest
on the dark earth.

- - Goethe

Introduction to Rivers of Love

Rivers of Love® is the result of more than twenty years of research in sexuality, traditional Chinese medicine, bodywork, martial arts, marital arts, and Daoist lovemaking. It utilizes our erotic life force to heal our body and spirit, bringing us ever closer to our partner.

When we are in highly aroused states, our physiology changes radically. We experience the release of specific hormones and neurotransmitters as passion, pleasure, and "energy". These biochemical transformations can be a powerful gateway into health and healing. When these energies are channeled correctly, profound changes in physical and emotional health can occur.

This is not "tantra", a spiritual art that comes from Tibet and India. Rivers of Love® is a healing system, with its roots in the centuries-old traditions of Chinese medicine.

The Rivers of Love® system is divided into Four Levels:

* Qi Release * Qi Gong
* Meridian Energetics * Advanced Energetics

Each workshop consists of an introductory lecture on the principles of specific Rivers of Love® techniques. This provides a context for understanding and using the material. The instructors will demonstrate these techniques, and participants can then practice with their partners.

Advanced material includes: Advanced Qi Gong, energetic techniques from other cultures, plus herbal, dietary, and aromatherapy aphrodisiacs designed to enhance health, lovemaking, and relationships.

The comfort of participants is our number one concern:

These workshops are for couples only. We maintain a strong respect for personal boundaries. There will be no direct sexual activity during workshops, and all couples will remain exclusive. We want everyone to leave with renewed intimacy, passion, and commitment to their relationship with their partner. 

Our focus and intention is on healing our physical and emotional bodies, and on bringing more joy into our lives.

This is remarkable work. If you are interested in healing your body, becoming a better lover, or taking your relationship to the next level, then you will find Rivers of Love® an invaluable resource.

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