Michael’s Mirror

I am Michael’s mirror, his reflection.  What does he perceive when faced with the reflection in my eyes? In my heart?

Does he realize that he protects himself with strategic intervals of silence?  Does he realize that he fears contact with his reflection of any regularity will mislead the mirror or change the reflection? Does he realize that there are times when the reflection mesmerizes him and he allows himself to draw close? The intimacy relaxes him until he regains insight into the vulnerability of the exposure, and he turns away.  Does he realize that he places arbitrary barriers and rules around the reflection so he can make excuses for what he sees and feels; in order to escape the truth that faces him?  Does he realize that he often dons a mask so he can look upon the reflection but avoid seeing truth?  Does he understand that he is, at times, intentionally cruel to his reflection for the purpose of distancing himself from his own inner portrait within the reflection? Does he then realize that pain viewed out of focus is most difficult to treat, but pain scrutinized deeply can often be alleviated? Does he understand that in order to accept love he must love what he sees in the mirror and love the mirror for showing him the truth and beauty that is beheld? Does he understand that his reflection is a gift to and from the mirror? Does he understand that he may come to resent his reflection, because it reveals the truth and it cannot be hidden, but he must recognize this resentment and find it as inspiration for self change?

Does he understand that the more he turns away the less he will see of his reflection? Is that what he really wants?

- - Anonymous


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