Level Four: Advanced Energetics

In Advanced Energetics we explore material not covered in the first three levels, some of it drawing from traditions other than traditional Chinese medicine. This material is called "advanced" not because it is difficult to understand or apply, but because some of it is outside of the Chinese energetic paradigm.

Advanced Techniques include:

* Aphrodesiacs: Foods, nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies that enhance the erotic experience and facilitate deep intuition.

* Harmonic Toning: Creating visceral resonance with our partner to deepen intimacy.

* Erotic Intention (Zhi): The specific art of aligning sexual pleasure with the subconscious mind and the Intention of the Will to create powerful outcomes in our lives.

* Erotic Vibration (Feng Niao): Stimulating our partner in order to open channels and create clear pathways for their healing.

* Paliuli (Stillpoint): Using a deeper and more intuitive part of our nervous system to help us disengage from our habitual conditioned responses while making love.

"Virility is the Capacity to Marvel"

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